Rowena //Tacoma, WA

One of the best things about summer are the number of bridal boudoir shoots I get to have! Brides come in with an idea of creating a special gift for their hubby-to-be and come out feeling like they've gifted themselves with an experience that leaves them with a bridal glow radiating with self-love and confidence! I love how no two clients are alike. I get a wide range of personalities from shy, silly, to daring, but at the end of every shoot the results are the same - these amazing ladies leave knowing and feeling just how beautiful they truly are. Whether your shoot be for your wedding or upcoming anniversary, don't forget that while this may be a sweet treat for your significant other, it's important to give yourself an experience where you get to see and feel just how sexy and beautiful you are in their eyes!

Rowena was a bride who had never ever done this type of shoot before (as is the case with nearly all my clients) so understandably she was quite nervous! I assured her that I would guide her through every pose and bring out her inner model. Well, a few shots in after some laughs and me being my usual weird self behind the cam, she started doing her own thing and working it for the camera all on her own! I would be in process of thinking of her next pose only to find her already getting into one and I'd have to yell "hold that right there! don't move!" I'd snap away and we'd be on to the next one. This shoot was too much fun and I can safely say that her hubby definitely enjoyed his special wedding day gift!

Hair & Makeup by Erica Jane Studio

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Birthday Shoot and Taking Chances

Life has taken me for a whirlwind once again which is why it has nearly taken me a month to blog again! I will do my best not to have you all wait so long for another post again! So, this next shoot I'm about to blog about was one of my most fun and spontaneous shoots I've done.  I was contacted by my dear old friend Kristine, whom I've known since we were still in elementary school, because was looking to have her photos taken to ring in her 29th birthday. I knew right away, we were going to be a perfect photographer/client match because I already know she's beautiful inside and out and she knows how to celebrate who she is! I loved the fact that she was doing this shoot for herself. Not only is she a gorgeous wife and mommy, but she's big into health and fitness, serves in the United States Air Force, and is in grad school...she definitely deserves to take a moment in her wonderful life to treat herself!  

Earlier I also said that this shoot was spontaneous and let me tell you why! We were mostly planning on shooting indoors but the night before, I took a walk around my neighborhood and spotted an empty lot between two houses that was full of overgrown weeds and grass. The lot was small but since photography is really good at challenging ones' creative eye, I forced myself to think outside of the box and pictured it to be a beautiful backdrop for Kristine's shoot. The next day I was still on the fence about shooting in that lot but took a chance anyways! I'm soooo glad I did and I'm even more glad that Kristine and my makeup artist Shyla were such good sports about being under the hot son! The shots came out even better than how I had envisioned them in my mind and Kristine got to be a beautiful girly-girl who couldn't help but laugh as I had her twirl around in our DIY tulle dress and headpiece. It just goes to show that it's always great to take chances and to believe in your vision!

Hope you all enjoy these three very contrasting sets of photos featuring our gorgeous birthday girl! 


kristine 1.jpg

By the way, anyone who has worked with me knows that I love me a good hair flip! lol

Kristine 03.jpg

Hair and Makeup by Shy Marie

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Roarin 20's in 2014

Isn't it amazing how time changes so many things? Looking back at past decades, it's incredible how people continue to evolve. Whether it's through fashion, world views, personal values, etc., each decade has created its own identity, influencing the future decades to come. With this shoot, we decided to capture the essence of the 1920's which embodied just how much strength women had back then. Without the strong females of this time fighting for rights, who knows where women would be placed in society now? 

My talented makeup artist Erica, beautiful model Elena, and I have decided to dedicate this shoot to the strong and beautiful women of the 1920's...along with a little celebration that included some moonshine! Ok, ok, it's really water but just go with it!

A little side note: I already knew I wanted to do a 1920's inspired shoot before I met Elena, but it was like fate brought us together since the 1920's happened to be her all-time favorite decade! She already had a variety of authentic 1920's clothing passed down from her grandmother and other items that she procured on her own with that 1920's touch. This shoot was everything I had hoped for and more! Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!



Hair and Makeup by Erica Jane

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I'm not very talented when it comes to DIY crafts but I decided try my hand in making my own tulle skirts for shoots. They're fairly easy IF you know how to sew...I do not. So if you were to see these skirts up close it may be a bit horrific! Fortunately, you can't tell in photos. Yay! I also have some amazingly talented people in my life who are really good at crafting, sewing, and are just overall creative. The beautiful flower crowns were made by my equally beautiful mom, Cindy and the gorgeously sewn tulle sweetheart cut top was made by my gorgeous friend and coworker, Jana. 

Thanks so much to Kayla for being the perfect model to showcase these timeless pieces, especially since her beauty is timeless in itself. The final edits from this shoot were exactly what I was hoping for! Enjoy my beauties!


Kayla blog.jpg

Hair & Makeup by Erica Jane

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     The word "smize" has got to be one of my most used words during a shoot and also one of the most important directions I give to my clients. I'd like to thank Tyra Banks for this one. Haha Smizing, for those of you who aren't avid ANTM fans, is when you smile with your eyes. One simply goes from deer-in-headlights to fierce model status. It shows an instant connection between the client and my lens and it truly does make all the difference.

     I'd like you to meet Tina! She was an absolute ball to work with. Easy going, took direction so well, and has a smile to die for. The reason I titled this post as "Smize" is because it ended up becoming her favorite word today, and it's probably because she truly owned it! It got to a point where I didn't even have to say the word because she had already said it out loud to herself and was ready for me to shoot. Her fun personality was so easy to capture! Thanks for the laughs Tina! You are beautiful!


Hair and Makeup by the lovely Erica Jane

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