Rowena //Tacoma, WA

One of the best things about summer are the number of bridal boudoir shoots I get to have! Brides come in with an idea of creating a special gift for their hubby-to-be and come out feeling like they've gifted themselves with an experience that leaves them with a bridal glow radiating with self-love and confidence! I love how no two clients are alike. I get a wide range of personalities from shy, silly, to daring, but at the end of every shoot the results are the same - these amazing ladies leave knowing and feeling just how beautiful they truly are. Whether your shoot be for your wedding or upcoming anniversary, don't forget that while this may be a sweet treat for your significant other, it's important to give yourself an experience where you get to see and feel just how sexy and beautiful you are in their eyes!

Rowena was a bride who had never ever done this type of shoot before (as is the case with nearly all my clients) so understandably she was quite nervous! I assured her that I would guide her through every pose and bring out her inner model. Well, a few shots in after some laughs and me being my usual weird self behind the cam, she started doing her own thing and working it for the camera all on her own! I would be in process of thinking of her next pose only to find her already getting into one and I'd have to yell "hold that right there! don't move!" I'd snap away and we'd be on to the next one. This shoot was too much fun and I can safely say that her hubby definitely enjoyed his special wedding day gift!

Hair & Makeup by Erica Jane Studio

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