Ok ok, so I am once again guilty of being MIA on the blog! Yikes! I do apologize but in my defense a lot has been happening for me this year! The biggest change is that I've currently got my second bun in the oven due here at the end of September! 2015 has been a roller coaster of ups and downs and with baby #2 on the way, I've completely put blogging on the back burner which is a HUGE mistake because I forgot how much I love writing and sharing photos from the fabulous shoots I've had! So here it goes, I'm committing once again to blogging more often and even going so far as to making a blogging calendar for myself so that I don't fall behind! Anyone who'd like to hold me accountable out there for blogging, you have my permission to bug me about it anytime!

(Shoots I'll be posting about are in no particular order so you may see some shoots that were from several months ago or several days ago. Either way, I will get to them when I can because I love them all! Some posts will be just teaser pics from the shoot, some with stories, and some just filled with random thoughts of mine that may not even be relevant to the photos but both, I would hope, should put a smile on your face!)

Since I love love love taking photos of mamas with baby bumps, today's post features a beautiful mommy, Charlotte, who has since had her handsome baby boy at the beginning of this year. She was just so easy to capture and her gorgeous doe-like eyes are simply stunning. She's got brains, beauty, and class...what a fine role model for her son to grow up with!

Isn't she gorgeous? We also did a little maternity boudoir shoot but those photos are for her hubby only which I heard he absolutely loved! 

Anyways, it's past midnight and this mama is tired so I better get some rest! In case you're ever curious about what goes on in my non-photography related life head on over to my other IG account HERE where you can see random photos of me attempting to keep up with my yoga practice with this fast-growing baby belly and obsessing over my little man Austin who is also a yoga lover...although most of the time he just uses me as a jungle gym while I try to go into downward dog. I leave you with our latest pic of partner yoga lol 


Hair and Makeup by Erica Jane Studio

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