Extra! Extra! // Tacoma, WA

Soooo once again I have been a HUGE slacker on my blog but I do I have my reasons! Listen up because you're about to read up on some truly exciting news!!! Aside from being a mommy to my busy 3-year-old who jumps off of everything and starting a new RN job which is been overloading my brain with tons of new information, I have also been in the middle of making a huge transition from having a home studio, to an actual studio space in the heart of Downtown Tacoma! Come on, do a happy dance with me! I've been blessed with two amazing photographer friends and all three of us decided to join forces and take a leap into creating and sharing a space where we can provide the best possible services to our wonderful clients. The studio is slowly becoming our second home and this month we're working together on making it cozy and beautiful! I can't wait to capture more of my beautiful clients' faces in there! Big windows with a view of the water, centered in the art district, and surrounded by some of the most delicious food hot spots in town, it's a photographer's dream and a client's fun getaway! 

Another big piece of news is that I'll be participating in the Clutter & Charm Vintage Flea Market this Saturday, October 18th at the Station House 726 located in Puyallup, WA. Details can be found here. Be sure to stop by if you can! There will be a ton of local vendors and I'm telling you brides-to-be that this is the place to be if you're looking for some fantastic vendors to be part of your special day!! To top it off, I juuuuust might be doing some fabulous promos that will only be available that day so be sure to visit me at the Ribbon & Lace Photography booth upstairs!! 

Well ladies and gents, it's time to relax with my little man while getting some more work done for this Saturday! With that, I leave you this captivating photo from my very first shoot in our brand new studio...details to come!


Hair & Makeup by Shyla
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