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One of my secret, now not-so-secret, hobbies are reading fashion blogs so I can daydream about my dream wardrobe and find out the latest fashion and beauty trends. I tend to read blogs that have more high-end (read: EXPENSIVE) clothes that just seem too unattainable for average working mommies like me. Enter Whitney, and her amazing blog The Brand Next Door, where most of her wardrobe has been from thrift stores or Nordstrom Rack! She gets the steal of a deal with her shop savvy ways and makes it seem so much easier to be cute and stylish on a budget!

A little back story on my girl here is that we actually met through the wonderful world of Instagram where she found my photos from a hashtag. I literally had just started using hashtags when she found my profile and at that time, I really didn't understand them or realized how many great connections I could make with others. She then contacted me, told me she wanted to start a fashion blog but was not so comfortable in front of the camera. I told her I'd take care of her nerves and now here we are, 5 months and several shoots later, you'd think she'd been getting professional photos taken for years! She's had an exponential growth of followers and I'm extremely honored to be featured on her blog this month. 

If you haven't check out her blog yet, you really should! It's filled with fashion, food (usually cooked by her equally awesome hubby-to-be, Raz), and fun adventures. What's not to love??

Here are a few shots of one of my favorite fashionistas. Enjoy!


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