Roarin 20's in 2014

Isn't it amazing how time changes so many things? Looking back at past decades, it's incredible how people continue to evolve. Whether it's through fashion, world views, personal values, etc., each decade has created its own identity, influencing the future decades to come. With this shoot, we decided to capture the essence of the 1920's which embodied just how much strength women had back then. Without the strong females of this time fighting for rights, who knows where women would be placed in society now? 

My talented makeup artist Erica, beautiful model Elena, and I have decided to dedicate this shoot to the strong and beautiful women of the 1920's...along with a little celebration that included some moonshine! Ok, ok, it's really water but just go with it!

A little side note: I already knew I wanted to do a 1920's inspired shoot before I met Elena, but it was like fate brought us together since the 1920's happened to be her all-time favorite decade! She already had a variety of authentic 1920's clothing passed down from her grandmother and other items that she procured on her own with that 1920's touch. This shoot was everything I had hoped for and more! Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!



Hair and Makeup by Erica Jane

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