Happy 51st birthday Mom & Dad!!

Let me start off by saying it's not easy narrowing down my top photo picks of these two people since every photo I took of them is such a reflection of how wonderful they both are, both as individuals and as a couple. My parents are the epitome of self-sacrificing, unconditional loving, spoiling til they can't spoil anymore, type of parents. As I sit back and think of how crazy their lives turned around after having my sister and me, I'm in awe of how they survived and are still somehow sane! Mom, Dad, Xsas and I couldn't have asked for better parents. While we might butt heads a lot, it's comforting knowing just how much love you have for the both of us. You're the type of parents many wish they had and you've raised us in a way that has taught us to love life, be grateful for what we have, and to spread love and light to whomever we encounter. Thank you for being you! I strive to be the type of loving, open-minded and supportive parents you are every day! I love you both so much! Happy 51st, more like 31st, birthday Maja and Faja!!! 

April 14th is my handsome Daddy's birthday! Dad, there is truly no other father-daughter pair like us! What a roller coaster ride our relationship has always been but it's so worth it because there's no better dad out there for me than you! You've taught me to always strive to be the best version of myself and to follow my dreams no matter what. I know you will always be there to catch me when I fall and there's nothing I would trade for that security. Thanks for being the best dad ever!!!

April 16th is my beautiful Mommy's birthday! Talk about a beautiful soul, there's none out there like hers. Good vibes just radiate from my mom and anyone who crosses paths with her can feel it instantly. Mom, there's not much more I can tell you that I haven't said before...you're just an amazing woman with an even more amazing heart. To even be half the person you are as a wife, mother, daughter, friend, would be good enough for me. You are my backbone and the best mother anyone could ever have. I love you!!!

I had way too much fun shooting around with my parents! It's easy to capture such a good looking couple!

My son Austin was with us during our shoot and was such a good boy. Although, he did try to photobomb their photos every now and then...

...but when all was shot and done, he got some fun playtime with his "Hannie" and "Papa"

Hope you all enjoyed these photos as much as I did! Cheers to a 51 and fabulous year to my parents!!


Hair & Makeup by Erica