Beautiful Baby Bump

I loooooved being pregnant! Yes, some symptoms weren't very fun sometimes but overall, it was one of the moments in my life where I felt most beautiful. Maybe it was my amazement with how there was a life growing inside of me, but even when I see other pregnant ladies now, I automatically get drawn to their pregnancy glow whether they see it or not. So when I was asked by my friend and makeup artist Erica to do her boudoir maternity photos, I immediately jumped on board! She's a prime example of someone with that beautiful preggy glow. Someone has major baby fever and it may or may not be me...I mean, how could you not, after seeing this gorgeous lady and her cute little baby bump?? Btw, this is her second baby and her due date is just around the corner! 


Now, who will be my next beautiful preggo?? Contact me to book now!