Bring On The Heat!

I love the rain. I'm not gonna lie. I love it and I love that it makes my beautiful state so fresh and green! With that being said, when it rains day after day, it can get a little gloomy and I find myself daydreaming about sunnier days at today. It's sunny but cloudy, and mother nature can't decide if she wants to pour down or give us some good ol' Vitamin D. So the way I love reminiscing about warm, sunny days is by looking back at photos that take me back to a place where I can literally feel rays beaming down on me, the warm breeze flowing through my hair, and eating Menchie's every week because it cools me down...or maybe because it's just that good?? 

Anyways, here are my I-miss-hot-days-and-can't-wait-to-shoot-in-this-weather-again-photos. Enjoy my loves!


Model: Lanie 
Hair/Makeup: Lanie
Location: Orting, WA

P.S. While taking those lovely photos above, my over-excited self forgot to wear SPF during the all-day outdoor photography workshop and this is the funny, yet painful result of that. Wear that sunscreen people! Might I add, I STILL have that tan line and this photo was taken last May of 2013...*smacks forehead*