Young Love // Tacoma, WA

After almost 3 months of not seeing my beautiful sister, I was ecstatic when she came home from college to visit for our cousin's wedding this past weekend!! Not only did she come, but so did her boyfriend and all I can say is these two make me sick in the most cute and cuddly way! haha We all had a very busy weekend but were able to squeeze in a few minutes for a mini shoot, just to capture the fun and sweet love these two share. 

Before I share pics, I've got to talk about my sis and our relationship really quick. While we're 8 years apart in age, she is honestly my very best friend and one of the rare few I can count on for anything. We're very different and yet so alike, so when someone new comes in her life I can tell almost instantly if they'll be able to handle her free-spirited, crazy, and witty personality. (It takes a very special type of person to understand girls like my sis and I. If you know me, you know my sister...we are very weird and proud of it!) Well, so far her man hasn't been scared off by  her silly antics and almost seems to be just as weird as she is. lol Either way, he gets her and that's enough to get the big sis approval. (Mati, don't let this get to your head now.) 

Hope you all feel warm and fuzzy after seeing these photos! 



She is soooo weird! I swear he's thinking, "what did I get myself into?" in the second pic below! LOL





And yet he loves her anyway...ahhh young love.