Rowena //Tacoma, WA

One of the best things about summer are the number of bridal boudoir shoots I get to have! Brides come in with an idea of creating a special gift for their hubby-to-be and come out feeling like they've gifted themselves with an experience that leaves them with a bridal glow radiating with self-love and confidence! I love how no two clients are alike. I get a wide range of personalities from shy, silly, to daring, but at the end of every shoot the results are the same - these amazing ladies leave knowing and feeling just how beautiful they truly are. Whether your shoot be for your wedding or upcoming anniversary, don't forget that while this may be a sweet treat for your significant other, it's important to give yourself an experience where you get to see and feel just how sexy and beautiful you are in their eyes!

Rowena was a bride who had never ever done this type of shoot before (as is the case with nearly all my clients) so understandably she was quite nervous! I assured her that I would guide her through every pose and bring out her inner model. Well, a few shots in after some laughs and me being my usual weird self behind the cam, she started doing her own thing and working it for the camera all on her own! I would be in process of thinking of her next pose only to find her already getting into one and I'd have to yell "hold that right there! don't move!" I'd snap away and we'd be on to the next one. This shoot was too much fun and I can safely say that her hubby definitely enjoyed his special wedding day gift!

Hair & Makeup by Erica Jane Studio

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Ok ok, so I am once again guilty of being MIA on the blog! Yikes! I do apologize but in my defense a lot has been happening for me this year! The biggest change is that I've currently got my second bun in the oven due here at the end of September! 2015 has been a roller coaster of ups and downs and with baby #2 on the way, I've completely put blogging on the back burner which is a HUGE mistake because I forgot how much I love writing and sharing photos from the fabulous shoots I've had! So here it goes, I'm committing once again to blogging more often and even going so far as to making a blogging calendar for myself so that I don't fall behind! Anyone who'd like to hold me accountable out there for blogging, you have my permission to bug me about it anytime!

(Shoots I'll be posting about are in no particular order so you may see some shoots that were from several months ago or several days ago. Either way, I will get to them when I can because I love them all! Some posts will be just teaser pics from the shoot, some with stories, and some just filled with random thoughts of mine that may not even be relevant to the photos but both, I would hope, should put a smile on your face!)

Since I love love love taking photos of mamas with baby bumps, today's post features a beautiful mommy, Charlotte, who has since had her handsome baby boy at the beginning of this year. She was just so easy to capture and her gorgeous doe-like eyes are simply stunning. She's got brains, beauty, and class...what a fine role model for her son to grow up with!

Isn't she gorgeous? We also did a little maternity boudoir shoot but those photos are for her hubby only which I heard he absolutely loved! 

Anyways, it's past midnight and this mama is tired so I better get some rest! In case you're ever curious about what goes on in my non-photography related life head on over to my other IG account HERE where you can see random photos of me attempting to keep up with my yoga practice with this fast-growing baby belly and obsessing over my little man Austin who is also a yoga lover...although most of the time he just uses me as a jungle gym while I try to go into downward dog. I leave you with our latest pic of partner yoga lol 


Hair and Makeup by Erica Jane Studio

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Treat Yourself //Tacoma,WA

When it comes to photography, there is nothing that makes me happier than seeing the look in my beautiful clients' faces when they see their photos and hearing them say, "never in my life did I think I could ever look this beautiful." Really, I'd want all of my clients to feel this way about themselves every day! While for most women this can seem like too much of a challenge, I can tell you that treating yourself to a fun day of pampering and a photo session will always serve as a reminder of how beautiful you really are. 

 I get a lot of questions from people when I say that I specialize in women's portraiture like, "why do they get those kinds of photos done?" and "who do they get them done for?" Initially, having beauty or boudoir photos taken are done mostly as a gift for a significant other, but after an afternoon with our team our clients eventually realize how much of a treat it is for them. They get to be dolled up as glamorous as they want and are made to feel like a star. I can't tell you how many times I've heard, "can I just do this every year?" My answer to that is, "why not?!" Regardless of where you may choose to get beauty or boudoir photos taken, it's definitely a treat and should be experienced at least once! So put yourself out there and book a session now or book it for someone you love who you know deserves to have a special day!

With that said, I leave you these photos with one of my beautiful clients whose heart is just as beautiful as her. She came to us feeling nervous yet excited and left feeling more confident than she had ever felt before. Never having taken photos like this before, you'd never guess since she was such a natural in front of the cam. We laughed during the shoot and cried during her ordering session and I couldn't be happier with how much she loved her photos. We're hoping to make this a yearly tradition and I'm definitely not complaining about that! I'd love to capture her beautiful face every year! 

Enjoy my loves and have a very Merry Christmas!!! 



Hair and Makeup by Shy Marie

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Young Love // Tacoma, WA

After almost 3 months of not seeing my beautiful sister, I was ecstatic when she came home from college to visit for our cousin's wedding this past weekend!! Not only did she come, but so did her boyfriend and all I can say is these two make me sick in the most cute and cuddly way! haha We all had a very busy weekend but were able to squeeze in a few minutes for a mini shoot, just to capture the fun and sweet love these two share. 

Before I share pics, I've got to talk about my sis and our relationship really quick. While we're 8 years apart in age, she is honestly my very best friend and one of the rare few I can count on for anything. We're very different and yet so alike, so when someone new comes in her life I can tell almost instantly if they'll be able to handle her free-spirited, crazy, and witty personality. (It takes a very special type of person to understand girls like my sis and I. If you know me, you know my sister...we are very weird and proud of it!) Well, so far her man hasn't been scared off by  her silly antics and almost seems to be just as weird as she is. lol Either way, he gets her and that's enough to get the big sis approval. (Mati, don't let this get to your head now.) 

Hope you all feel warm and fuzzy after seeing these photos! 



She is soooo weird! I swear he's thinking, "what did I get myself into?" in the second pic below! LOL





And yet he loves her anyway...ahhh young love. 

Extra! Extra! // Tacoma, WA

Soooo once again I have been a HUGE slacker on my blog but I do I have my reasons! Listen up because you're about to read up on some truly exciting news!!! Aside from being a mommy to my busy 3-year-old who jumps off of everything and starting a new RN job which is been overloading my brain with tons of new information, I have also been in the middle of making a huge transition from having a home studio, to an actual studio space in the heart of Downtown Tacoma! Come on, do a happy dance with me! I've been blessed with two amazing photographer friends and all three of us decided to join forces and take a leap into creating and sharing a space where we can provide the best possible services to our wonderful clients. The studio is slowly becoming our second home and this month we're working together on making it cozy and beautiful! I can't wait to capture more of my beautiful clients' faces in there! Big windows with a view of the water, centered in the art district, and surrounded by some of the most delicious food hot spots in town, it's a photographer's dream and a client's fun getaway! 

Another big piece of news is that I'll be participating in the Clutter & Charm Vintage Flea Market this Saturday, October 18th at the Station House 726 located in Puyallup, WA. Details can be found here. Be sure to stop by if you can! There will be a ton of local vendors and I'm telling you brides-to-be that this is the place to be if you're looking for some fantastic vendors to be part of your special day!! To top it off, I juuuuust might be doing some fabulous promos that will only be available that day so be sure to visit me at the Ribbon & Lace Photography booth upstairs!! 

Well ladies and gents, it's time to relax with my little man while getting some more work done for this Saturday! With that, I leave you this captivating photo from my very first shoot in our brand new studio...details to come!


Hair & Makeup by Shyla
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City Love // Tacoma, WA

There isn't much I can say about this next post except for how happy and honored I felt for being able to capture these two sweethearts for their 4th year anniversary! Love comes in so many forms and at the end of the day, love is truly what brings us all together right? Yes, yes I know it's cheesy but I'm cheesy so get over it. LOL With that being said, I'd like to announce that Ribbon & Lace Photography is excited to be entering the engagement and wedding world! I absolutely love women's portraiture so I won't be straying away from that, but I also love LOVE and capturing the moments that make life that much sweeter when shared between two people. I've been juggling the idea of whether or not to jump in to this genre of photography but after receiving a number of inquiries and words of encouragement, I finally decided to take them all as a sign that maybe, just maybe, this may be another notch I can add to my "passions in life" belt. So what do you say? Come celebrate your special day with Ribbon & Lace Photography: I Do!



I mean, seriously...could they BE any cuter?? *sigh* Oh Love....


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Smile and Be Happy!

Have you ever met someone who just has one of those beautiful contagious smiles? There's just something about those smiles that shows how genuine someone truly is and so you can't help but be drawn to them. I love meeting people like that, which is why when I met Carrie, I knew we'd be fast friends! We had so much fun during her photo shoot outside, looking for secluded spots, and trying to avoid bug bites which unfortunately, didn't work out too well for her! (Sorry Carrie!) Either way, you'd never be able to tell she was being eaten alive since she was such a natural in front of my cam. If these photos don't make you smile, I don't know what will! Smile and be happy friends! 


Hair & Makeup by Tatiana 

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Birthday Shoot and Taking Chances

Life has taken me for a whirlwind once again which is why it has nearly taken me a month to blog again! I will do my best not to have you all wait so long for another post again! So, this next shoot I'm about to blog about was one of my most fun and spontaneous shoots I've done.  I was contacted by my dear old friend Kristine, whom I've known since we were still in elementary school, because was looking to have her photos taken to ring in her 29th birthday. I knew right away, we were going to be a perfect photographer/client match because I already know she's beautiful inside and out and she knows how to celebrate who she is! I loved the fact that she was doing this shoot for herself. Not only is she a gorgeous wife and mommy, but she's big into health and fitness, serves in the United States Air Force, and is in grad school...she definitely deserves to take a moment in her wonderful life to treat herself!  

Earlier I also said that this shoot was spontaneous and let me tell you why! We were mostly planning on shooting indoors but the night before, I took a walk around my neighborhood and spotted an empty lot between two houses that was full of overgrown weeds and grass. The lot was small but since photography is really good at challenging ones' creative eye, I forced myself to think outside of the box and pictured it to be a beautiful backdrop for Kristine's shoot. The next day I was still on the fence about shooting in that lot but took a chance anyways! I'm soooo glad I did and I'm even more glad that Kristine and my makeup artist Shyla were such good sports about being under the hot son! The shots came out even better than how I had envisioned them in my mind and Kristine got to be a beautiful girly-girl who couldn't help but laugh as I had her twirl around in our DIY tulle dress and headpiece. It just goes to show that it's always great to take chances and to believe in your vision!

Hope you all enjoy these three very contrasting sets of photos featuring our gorgeous birthday girl! 


kristine 1.jpg

By the way, anyone who has worked with me knows that I love me a good hair flip! lol

Kristine 03.jpg

Hair and Makeup by Shy Marie

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Blushing Bride

I'm soooo sorry it took me so long to blog! Work, photography, being a mommy, AND a sinus infection that has lasted for weeks, all equal up to procrastination and one tired mama! I couldn't even ring in my birthday this past week with a healthy me but that's ok since I was surrounded by my amazing family! Fortunately, with the help of antibiotics and lots of fluids, I'm on the road to recovery! With that being said, I couldn't wait any longer to blog about this beautiful bride I had the pleasure of working with a few weeks ago!

This particular session was a very special experience for both my client and I. She had never had professional photos taken besides senior portraits and her engagement session. As expected, she was quite nervous! But like I tell all my beautiful clients, while it's completely natural to be nervous, I will do my best to bring out the best version of you in the most comfortable way possible! (Some poses won't be so comfortable, but you gotta just trust me on those!  haha) Anyways, long story short, this bride was brought to tears during our reveal because she had never seen herself in that kind of light before. I knew she was gorgeous but for her to see that for herself is exactly why I love doing what I do! Whether you choose to book a glamour, beauty, or boudoir session with  me or another photographer, believe me when I say it's worth it. You are worth it. I truly believe every woman needs to be able to see just how beautiful they really are.  

Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do! 


There are sooo many beautiful shots from this session that I'd love to share but I want to take you straight to my favorite series of images...

Hair and Makeup by Shy Marie 

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Blog Lovin'

One of my secret, now not-so-secret, hobbies are reading fashion blogs so I can daydream about my dream wardrobe and find out the latest fashion and beauty trends. I tend to read blogs that have more high-end (read: EXPENSIVE) clothes that just seem too unattainable for average working mommies like me. Enter Whitney, and her amazing blog The Brand Next Door, where most of her wardrobe has been from thrift stores or Nordstrom Rack! She gets the steal of a deal with her shop savvy ways and makes it seem so much easier to be cute and stylish on a budget!

A little back story on my girl here is that we actually met through the wonderful world of Instagram where she found my photos from a hashtag. I literally had just started using hashtags when she found my profile and at that time, I really didn't understand them or realized how many great connections I could make with others. She then contacted me, told me she wanted to start a fashion blog but was not so comfortable in front of the camera. I told her I'd take care of her nerves and now here we are, 5 months and several shoots later, you'd think she'd been getting professional photos taken for years! She's had an exponential growth of followers and I'm extremely honored to be featured on her blog this month. 

If you haven't check out her blog yet, you really should! It's filled with fashion, food (usually cooked by her equally awesome hubby-to-be, Raz), and fun adventures. What's not to love??

Here are a few shots of one of my favorite fashionistas. Enjoy!


Visit The Brand Next Door

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The Beauty of Change

For the past two months, I've been without my studio space due to home renovations and have been staying at my parents' house. Fortunately for me, my parents' home is beeeautiful so I have many options for shooting space! Honestly, many changes have happened in my life recently and I'm just learning to go with the flow. It can be hard to find beauty during hard times, but really beauty is everywhere and you just have to open your heart and mind to it! I was feeling a bit uninspired for awhile so I knew exactly what I needed to do. I needed to just shoot and get that photography itch again! With a bridal boudoir shoot coming in the next week or so, I knew I had to do a practice run of my parents' home first so I knew exactly where to shoot, what kind of lighting I had to work with, and what kind of angles would be good for me to capture my subjects in. In comes one of my other besties, who is also one of my very talented makeup artists, Shyla, to come save the day and relight my photographer fire. All of these shots were done in one of the bedrooms of the house and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out. Sometimes a little change can be challenging but oh-so beautiful! Just like Shyla, challenging and beautiful haha You know I love you Sis!! Hope you all enjoy these lovely shots!


Model: Shyla
Hair & Makeup by: Shyla

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My Bestie and her Baby

It's crazy being at an age where most of your friends are already, or are becoming, parents. It was only yesterday when meeting up for happy hour, a quick coffee date, or even a gym date was so easy to do! Now we have these amazing little human beings entering our worlds one by one and my girlfriends and I have each other as a support group to get through the different phases of motherhood. Going from planning nights out on the town to baby showers and play dates, I love knowing that I always have my small handful of best girls I can always count on to have a good time! 

Our newest addition, Eli, is the son of one of my best friends since 6th grade, Angie! She is due May 4, the day before my son's birthday, but we all have a feeling Baby Eli will be making his grand entrance any day now! Being a first-time parent has to be one of the most exciting, yet nerve-wrecking, times of ones life and I must say Angie has been handling it quite gracefully and I'm sure she's just ready to meet her little man already. He sure is one lucky baby because Angie and her equally amazing hubby, Jeff, are going to be awesome parents. Oh, and he's extra lucky because he also gets an awesome Auntie April! lol Hope you enjoy our fun photos from our outdoor maternity shoot! She definitely has that beautiful pregnancy glow don't you think? 



<------I love this girl!!


 Hair & Makeup by the lovely Shy Marie

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Happy 51st birthday Mom & Dad!!

Let me start off by saying it's not easy narrowing down my top photo picks of these two people since every photo I took of them is such a reflection of how wonderful they both are, both as individuals and as a couple. My parents are the epitome of self-sacrificing, unconditional loving, spoiling til they can't spoil anymore, type of parents. As I sit back and think of how crazy their lives turned around after having my sister and me, I'm in awe of how they survived and are still somehow sane! Mom, Dad, Xsas and I couldn't have asked for better parents. While we might butt heads a lot, it's comforting knowing just how much love you have for the both of us. You're the type of parents many wish they had and you've raised us in a way that has taught us to love life, be grateful for what we have, and to spread love and light to whomever we encounter. Thank you for being you! I strive to be the type of loving, open-minded and supportive parents you are every day! I love you both so much! Happy 51st, more like 31st, birthday Maja and Faja!!! 

April 14th is my handsome Daddy's birthday! Dad, there is truly no other father-daughter pair like us! What a roller coaster ride our relationship has always been but it's so worth it because there's no better dad out there for me than you! You've taught me to always strive to be the best version of myself and to follow my dreams no matter what. I know you will always be there to catch me when I fall and there's nothing I would trade for that security. Thanks for being the best dad ever!!!

April 16th is my beautiful Mommy's birthday! Talk about a beautiful soul, there's none out there like hers. Good vibes just radiate from my mom and anyone who crosses paths with her can feel it instantly. Mom, there's not much more I can tell you that I haven't said're just an amazing woman with an even more amazing heart. To even be half the person you are as a wife, mother, daughter, friend, would be good enough for me. You are my backbone and the best mother anyone could ever have. I love you!!!

I had way too much fun shooting around with my parents! It's easy to capture such a good looking couple!

My son Austin was with us during our shoot and was such a good boy. Although, he did try to photobomb their photos every now and then...

...but when all was shot and done, he got some fun playtime with his "Hannie" and "Papa"

Hope you all enjoyed these photos as much as I did! Cheers to a 51 and fabulous year to my parents!!


Hair & Makeup by Erica 

Roarin 20's in 2014

Isn't it amazing how time changes so many things? Looking back at past decades, it's incredible how people continue to evolve. Whether it's through fashion, world views, personal values, etc., each decade has created its own identity, influencing the future decades to come. With this shoot, we decided to capture the essence of the 1920's which embodied just how much strength women had back then. Without the strong females of this time fighting for rights, who knows where women would be placed in society now? 

My talented makeup artist Erica, beautiful model Elena, and I have decided to dedicate this shoot to the strong and beautiful women of the 1920's...along with a little celebration that included some moonshine! Ok, ok, it's really water but just go with it!

A little side note: I already knew I wanted to do a 1920's inspired shoot before I met Elena, but it was like fate brought us together since the 1920's happened to be her all-time favorite decade! She already had a variety of authentic 1920's clothing passed down from her grandmother and other items that she procured on her own with that 1920's touch. This shoot was everything I had hoped for and more! Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!



Hair and Makeup by Erica Jane

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I'm not very talented when it comes to DIY crafts but I decided try my hand in making my own tulle skirts for shoots. They're fairly easy IF you know how to sew...I do not. So if you were to see these skirts up close it may be a bit horrific! Fortunately, you can't tell in photos. Yay! I also have some amazingly talented people in my life who are really good at crafting, sewing, and are just overall creative. The beautiful flower crowns were made by my equally beautiful mom, Cindy and the gorgeously sewn tulle sweetheart cut top was made by my gorgeous friend and coworker, Jana. 

Thanks so much to Kayla for being the perfect model to showcase these timeless pieces, especially since her beauty is timeless in itself. The final edits from this shoot were exactly what I was hoping for! Enjoy my beauties!


Kayla blog.jpg

Hair & Makeup by Erica Jane

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Sugary Sweet

With pink being my favorite color, I knew I had to have a pink backdrop for my photo shoots. Yes, I'm girly and I love it!  The longer I stared at my new beautiful blush pink backdrop the more I started leaning towards this fun idea of combining my favorite color with my favorite food...candy! (Ok, it's not technically a "food" but I consider it be part of my major food groups that add happiness to my life. Don't judge.) I won't write too much since I think the photos will speak for themselves but I loved everything about the shoot! I could not be more thankful for my beautiful model and talented theater friend, Lauren, who completely embodied the fun, candy girl I had envisioned for this whole concept!  Enjoy lovelies! 


Lauren 2-2.jpg

Hair and Makeup by the lovely Erica Jane 

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     The word "smize" has got to be one of my most used words during a shoot and also one of the most important directions I give to my clients. I'd like to thank Tyra Banks for this one. Haha Smizing, for those of you who aren't avid ANTM fans, is when you smile with your eyes. One simply goes from deer-in-headlights to fierce model status. It shows an instant connection between the client and my lens and it truly does make all the difference.

     I'd like you to meet Tina! She was an absolute ball to work with. Easy going, took direction so well, and has a smile to die for. The reason I titled this post as "Smize" is because it ended up becoming her favorite word today, and it's probably because she truly owned it! It got to a point where I didn't even have to say the word because she had already said it out loud to herself and was ready for me to shoot. Her fun personality was so easy to capture! Thanks for the laughs Tina! You are beautiful!


Hair and Makeup by the lovely Erica Jane

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Beautiful Baby Bump

I loooooved being pregnant! Yes, some symptoms weren't very fun sometimes but overall, it was one of the moments in my life where I felt most beautiful. Maybe it was my amazement with how there was a life growing inside of me, but even when I see other pregnant ladies now, I automatically get drawn to their pregnancy glow whether they see it or not. So when I was asked by my friend and makeup artist Erica to do her boudoir maternity photos, I immediately jumped on board! She's a prime example of someone with that beautiful preggy glow. Someone has major baby fever and it may or may not be me...I mean, how could you not, after seeing this gorgeous lady and her cute little baby bump?? Btw, this is her second baby and her due date is just around the corner! 


Now, who will be my next beautiful preggo?? Contact me to book now!


Bring On The Heat!

I love the rain. I'm not gonna lie. I love it and I love that it makes my beautiful state so fresh and green! With that being said, when it rains day after day, it can get a little gloomy and I find myself daydreaming about sunnier days at today. It's sunny but cloudy, and mother nature can't decide if she wants to pour down or give us some good ol' Vitamin D. So the way I love reminiscing about warm, sunny days is by looking back at photos that take me back to a place where I can literally feel rays beaming down on me, the warm breeze flowing through my hair, and eating Menchie's every week because it cools me down...or maybe because it's just that good?? 

Anyways, here are my I-miss-hot-days-and-can't-wait-to-shoot-in-this-weather-again-photos. Enjoy my loves!


Model: Lanie 
Hair/Makeup: Lanie
Location: Orting, WA

P.S. While taking those lovely photos above, my over-excited self forgot to wear SPF during the all-day outdoor photography workshop and this is the funny, yet painful result of that. Wear that sunscreen people! Might I add, I STILL have that tan line and this photo was taken last May of 2013...*smacks forehead*