Hello Gorgeous!


My name is April and I'm a 32-year-old fun-loving mommy based out of Puyallup, Washington. Aside from being a mom to two wonderful little boys and baby girl who hold my heart, I feel so blessed to be able to work two amazing jobs as a Registered Nurse and professional photographer specializing in women's portraiture.

Capturing beauty is the name of my game and this is where you come in! I believe every woman, no matter where they are in life, should celebrate who they are. Age, color, size, and shape all bring out something unique in all of us and that alone is beautiful! Whether you're choosing to do a shoot for your significant other or just for yourself, I want to help you celebrate just how beautiful you are right now. You deserve it!

Sometimes something called "life" gets in the way and it makes us forget that we need to take care of ourselves too. At Ribbon & Lace Photography, we can remove all the stresses of life and bring you back to a place where you can be you again, but with a little extra va-va-voom! I will help bring out that inner model in you through coaching and guidance.

I want you leaving knowing exactly how beautiful you are right at this moment.

Let's celebrate! Head on over here to book a session now!